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Here at Car Tours we organise everything you need, taking the hassle out of your trip so you can enjoy and make the most of your precious time while away. We are more than happy to highlight places of interest and of significance in regards to the cities you visit ensuring you don’t miss out on anything.

All you have to do is simply tell us what you would like to do and leave the rest up to us. As travelling by coach is very economical, especially in comparison to other modes of transport, this means that with the same budget more activities can be carried out. Providing you with ample opportunity to create even more memories.

Student Travel to Spain

We offer the best student coach travel in Spain

At  Cartour we are agile and provide an excellent travel service for young students:

Experienced drivers are friendly and knowledgeable (English Speaking).

We organize everything you need; you only have to tell us what they want to do and we will prepare the complete logistics of the trip.

Traveling by coach is very cheap, especially if we compare it with other means of transport and this means that, with the same budget, more activities can be carried out at each destination.

We will offer you great ideas, experiences, and places to visit, that you might not be aware of.

– We will advise you on the places of interest in each city you visit.

– We will offer soft drinks and snacks (upon request – additional cost) for the routes that request it.

– Once the trip has started, you will only have to worry about not leaving anything in your rooms, as we will make sure that everything goes well.

– We have the ability to adapt to changes in the trip at the last moment (always respecting the law regarding driving times and driver neglect). Whether it is to stop somewhere to take photos, stop to have a drink and etc.

– In case you miss something important or have any incident, we will help you solve problems and accompany you in the process.

– We know that, especially on long journeys, you will need to take your time to check and see your social networks or to chat with your friends and family. All this is possible in our coaches as you will have WIFI (with supplement and on request) USB ports, as well as light sockets to be able to charge your devices (on request)

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Spain Tours For Students

At Car Tours we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and experience. If you desire to stop off during the trip to take pictures or to have a drink our very sociable and highly experienced drivers will happily accommodate (always respecting the law regarding driving time and rest of drivers).

Your School Trip to Spain

Did you know that you can request soft drinks and snacks for your journey (on request and setting a price). Also, to ensure the highest standard of comfort can be achieved for our customers our coaches will have Wi-Fi, USB ports as well as light sockets to charge your devices (with supplement and on request) so that you can stay connected and up to date while on the go.

Once the trip has begun you can rest assured knowing you are in safe hands and that the only thing you will have to worry about is not leaving anything behind in your room.

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